Audio indicator circuit with dual display

Audio indicator circuit with dual display This circuit indicates audio in the form of a composite display. On the one hand, it can drive a group of light-emitting diode LEDs according to the magnitude of the audio signal level to make a bar indicator. On the other hand, the c ----more

Computer virus performance

Computer virus performance 1. Prompt some irrelevant words. The most common is to prompt some irrelevant words, such as opening a Word document infected with a macro virus. If the attack conditions are met, it will pop up a dialog box showing "This world is too dark!&qu ----more

Macro virus

Macro virus macro (Macro): A set of commands designed to avoid repeated operations. When opening the file, first execute the "macro" and then load the file content. Therefore, if the "macro" contains a virus, the virus is automatically loaded when editing ----more

Digital TV base station can help indoor GPS positioning

Digital TV base station can help indoor GPS positioning The advantage of GSP satellite positioning is that the user's geographic location can be quickly obtained, but the disadvantage is also obvious. In the indoor environment, because the GPS signal cannot penetrate, the ----more

Sawtooth Generator Exhibits ~ 1

Abstract: Two integrated circuits (ICs) and some associated components form a voltage-controlled sawtooth generator that costs less than $ 3 and produces an auxiliary square wave at the same frequency. The generator is useful in a variety of applicaTIons. Its sawtooth waveform ----more

Anti-virus technology

Anti-virus technology Now the mature anti-virus technology in the world can completely prevent and eliminate all known viruses, mainly involving the following three major technologies: Real-time monitoring technology. This technology builds a dynamic, real-time anti-virus li ----more

Maxim's TDM-over-Packet (TDMoP) design

Abstract: This application note describes some of the requirements for Maxim ’s TDM-over-Packet (TDMoP) equipment to work with other manufacturers ’TDMoP equipment. The Maxim TDMoP chips covered in this application note include: DS34T101, DS34T102, DS34T104, DS34T ----more