Three weapons in Japan in the field of re-opening

Do you believe in dreams? At the end of 2015, the Japanese TV drama, which once fell into a downturn, opened a red plate on Sunday night, breaking through 22%. It was the most popular series in 2015. Even the audience went to the TV station to leave a message: "Let me rek ----more

Causes and treatment methods of inverter inverter modul…

The damage of the inverter inverter module is mostly caused by the damage of the drive circuit, causing the two switching devices on one bridge arm to be turned on at the same time. Inverter inverter power module damage is a common fault in other frequency conversion equipment ----more

Wireless charging device! 10 hours to fill the Model S

Tesla Motors announced that its wireless charging device "Plugless Systems" (Plugless Systems) is on sale. According to Tesla's official statement, the wireless charging device can be used for all Tesla brand models. The system consists of a charging pad that do ----more

Philips 50PFF5655/T3 install TV broadcast software thro…

Philips 50PFF5655/T3 installs a sofa butler via a USB stick. Philips 50PFF5655/T3 other models can also refer to this tutorial. Method 1: Install Through Small Y Games 1. Baidu searches for “Sofa Manager” to enter the sofa network and downloads the sofa butler ----more

How do myopia VR play without glasses? Can VR correct m…

When it is still unable to extricate itself from the immersion of 3D holographic technology, a few streets of VR technology has become popular all over the world. At present, various high-tech companies in China have launched, and have successively launched VR products. For t ----more

Cool open Wang Zhiguo: with LeTV "do not go the sa…

As a leader in the Internet brand that has been “incubated” in the traditional color TV camp, Cool Open has been using the cutting-edge image of “playing out”. Wang Zhiguo, chairman of Coocadia, who is the head of Kukai and who claims to be “Mas ----more

KKTV LED55K60U U disk installation application market

KKTV LED55K60U installs the sofa butler by U disk, other models of KKTV can also refer to this tutorial. Installation Step 1 Download the sofa butler package to the U disk → 2U disk to connect Konka TV → 3 Open the U disk to find the installation package and i ----more