38 Error Messages on Microsoft Azure Platform

According to foreign media reports, according to the Microsoft Azure cloud computing service's status page, there have been a lot of problems in the service in the past month. According to reports, 38 incorrect messages were listed on the Microsoft Azure status page. Eight of them wer ----more

SMP motion control kernel robot control system using av…

1 Introduction With the rapid development of modern industry, the ordinary labor force is not suitable for the work requirements of high strength and harsh environment. With the improvement of robot manufacturing level, robots with high efficiency, stable quality and versatil ----more

Mandatory product certification implementation rules

In order to comprehensively deepen the reform and systematically improve the compulsory product certification system, the Committee has combined the implementation experience of the pilot certification implementation rules based on the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, and has ----more

High-speed Rail Goes Out of China's Cable Industry …

As high-speed railways continue to go abroad, domestic cable companies that master high-speed cable production technology will benefit, and the cable industry will usher in more business opportunities. Premier Li Keqiang said in a meeting with British Prime Minister Cameron in London that ----more

The type of smart city construction in China

One of the key tasks of the current government work in the construction of smart cities, the development of smart cities has a significant role in solving various problems brought about by the development of the city, the state and the government have made a lot of investment, including fu ----more

Summer refrigerator anti-bacterial

As the weather is getting hotter, the food's edible time is greatly shortened. The refrigerator has become an essential and vital part of daily life. Many people are accustomed to placing fresh fruits and vegetables in refrigerators for the purpose of keeping fresh foods. However, if t ----more

Can Apple rely on self-operated stores to snatch China …

As we all know, China's three major operators will be required to significantly reduce marketing costs, operators of the "contract machine" basically have to fade out of the market. Operators' investment in the marketing market will have a more or less impact on all mobil ----more