Headphone new ideas

Put on this pencil headphone and let you instantly distribute students' children! In the library, took out cute headphones, pencils, rubber heads, worn on the ears like a pencil stabbed in the back, the rate is full, almost no people around the mood to read books, there are wood! ----more

Sunlight received financial subsidies for high-efficien…

"G20-LED Summit member company" Sunshine Lighting (600261) announced that the company recently received 2012 annual high-efficiency lighting products promotion financial subsidy liquidation fund of 122 million yuan. Sunshine Lighting stated that the above-mentioned financial subsidy fund ----more

Water heater industry presents diversified development

Under the stimulation of policies that have continued for many years, the water heater market has gradually undergone more profound internal changes. The "Home Appliances" that have been withdrawn from the "stage" for more than a year has been affecting the follow-up ma ----more

High-tech Golden Globe Awards Top Ten LED Lighting Bran…

[Text / high-tech LED reporter Li Jingyu] In the context of LED lighting penetration continues to rise, the LED market competition is also deepening. Many LED companies have sold their low-priced products under the banner of “the most cost-effective”, in order to occupy more market shar ----more

Pure VLC sells its first LED-based LiFi device in the U…

As the co-founder and chief scientific officer of PureVLC, the university spin-off, Professor Haas led a team to develop a new technology called LiFi. The technology wirelessly transmits data using standard light to challenge the current ubiquitous WiFi network standard. This month, PureVLC delive ----more

Moso Power Q3 achieved a net profit of 7.21 million, do…

On October 29, Moso Power released its third quarter report. During the reporting period, the operating income was 130 million yuan, a decrease of 2.29% compared with the previous year; the net profit attributable to listed companies was 7.21 million, down 12.22% from the previous year. Moso Power ----more

How to avoid light pollution in home improvement lamps

Many people who have had a decoration experience have the same feelings. The house that has been loaded with a lot of energy is not the same as what you imagined, and some places feel good when it is renovated, but it takes a long time, but it feels uncomfortable, but It is very troublesome to ch ----more