Global Smart Home Market Development Status and Future Trend Analysis

OFweek smart home network communications smart home is a residential platform, the use of integrated cabling technology, network communications technology, smart home - system design solutions security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology will be related to the integration of home life facilities, build efficient The management system for residential facilities and family schedule affairs improves home safety, convenience, comfort, and artistry, and realizes an environment-friendly and energy-saving living environment. The smart home is a living environment. It is a residential environment where a smart home system is installed. The process of implementing a smart home system is called smart home integration. Smart home integration integrates home-life-related equipment using integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, security technology, automatic control technology, and audio and video technology. Due to the differences in the technical standards and protocols used in smart homes, most smart home systems use integrated cabling, but a few systems may not use integrated cabling technologies, such as power carriers. In either case, there must be a corresponding network. Communication technology to complete the required signal transmission tasks, so network communication technology is one of the key technologies in smart home integration. Security protection technology is an indispensable technology in smart home systems. It is widely used in areas such as residential and home video intercom, home monitoring, home burglar alarm, and home-related community cards. Automatic control technology is an indispensable technology in smart home systems. It is widely used in smart home control centers and home automation equipment control modules. It has a very important role in the scientific management of home energy and the schedule management of home equipment. Audio and video technology is an important technology for achieving comfort and artistry in the home environment. It is reflected in the distribution of audio and video, background music, and home theater. It has been two or three decades since the birth of smart home and home automation technology. These technologies have formed a niche market. The main customers are some wealthy people and technology enthusiasts who want to remotely control light curtains, or want to share audio between rooms, or do some home-based monitoring. The initial home automation system focused on security and application management, while the new integrated system allows users to control almost any system in the home, both in and out of the home. It is actually tailored to the lifestyle of the homeowner. Custom smarter and more energy-efficient home environment. The “Smart Home Market Competitive Strategy Analysis and Investment Prospects Report for 2017-2022 in China” published by Booz Data, the global smart home market maintained steady growth. In 2012, the global smart home market scale was US$25 billion, and in 2015 it increased to US$48.5 billion. . Global Smart Home Market Size 2012-2015: Billion US Dollars Source: Data Management The international smart home market will maintain steady growth in the next few years and it is estimated that the global smart home market will reach US$113.5 billion by 2022. After more than ten years of development, the current trend of digitalization, networking, and integration of the smart home industry has become more and more obvious. The degree of development is also getting higher and higher, and its products have also clearly demonstrated humanity, daily life, and simplicity. Features. On the other hand, the development model of the entire industry has become more and more mature. Whether it is the agency model or the cooperation model, the cooperation model is directly sold to the end customers. Major merchants are pursuing their own development and promoting the development of the entire smart home industry. 2016-2022 Global Smart Home Market Size: Billion US Dollars Source: Data Processing