EIRMAI Rima R21 large SLR camera drying box sun single

Reasons to purchase Well, the reason is that one day accidentally discovered Nike's kit head 18-105 in the front mirror group actually has a mold! I think it should be due to improper storage in Hainan. No way, people are poor ah ~ can only open their own clean, this cleaning process please see the next decomposition After I had finished, I had been thinking about buying a drying box. The first reason for eliminating electronics was nothing more than poverty, electricity, and fire. Finally bought this large plastic toy ~ Appearance Gallery The first is the outer package. There is a layer of bubble bags inside the box! This box is very thin, single-layer cardboard ~ really can not stand the toss! Next is a moisture absorption card, which is filled with silicone ~ carcinogenic Oh, I do not have any, all replaced by what the company's stone, can not remember ~ It can be seen that the particles in the absorbent card are red and will become blue when heated. The color of the box is dark green and I like it very much! Pretty - The most important hygrometer, do not know if you can change it later? Always feel that the box is not allowed! Out of the box shows 70 less than ~ Open the lid and you can see a ring around the lid! Do not know if the long-term isolation effect will gradually fail? There is a shoulder strap hole on the side of the box, which can be easily carried. The credible thing is that the box is not equipped with a shoulder strap! However, this design is still good ~ experience feelings Used for a while, it is still very convenient! At the very least, my heart hints more, after all, there is a protection, at least not easy to mold ~ and buy large, what camera, headphones, etc. are not often used can be thrown into it! to sum up 1: cheap, material, no smell, strong 2: The color is very showy, I like it 3: Low cost, no electricity, no fire hazard