FB participated in the StarCraft hegemony AI competition was "completely exploded" Chinese Academy of Sciences won the fourth place

This article is the NetEase smart studio (public number smartman163) produced. Focus on AI and read the next big era! [Netease smart news October 11 news] In the last week of the 2017 Starcraft AI contest last night, Facebook quietly sent a robot named “CherryPi” took sixth place, the robot from 8 Its artificial intelligence research laboratory personnel design. The hidden space war of social networks shows that Facebook attaches great importance to the competition with Google and other companies and pays attention to setting a new milestone in artificial intelligence. Google’s DeepMind AI research unit, headquartered in London, made headlines last year after its AlphaGo software beat the championship in board games. In August of this year, DeepMind made the latest version of the game StarCraft 2 the next target. Although Facebook's participation in this competition uses an older version of StarCraft, as in most artificial intelligence research in this field, it is equally difficult to grasp in software. Facebook’s artificial intelligence research team listed 80 researchers on its website and was led by Yannen Lekun, a professor at New York University. The research team published many research papers but did not achieve the compelling achievements like Google. Facebook has released three research papers on interstellar hegemony, but did not announce a prominent effort to conquer the game. The final results announced on Sunday showed that Facebook still has some way to go - CherryPi won sixth place among the 28 competitors; and the top three robots were all completed by independent programmers. The 2017 StarCraft Ai Competition rankings (the top 8) are as follows: 1, ZZZKBot Australian programmer Chris Coxe independent development 2. Independent development of PurpleWave, US software engineer Dan Gant 3. Independent development of Iron French programmer Igor Dimitrijevic 4. cpac 13 person R&D team of CAS Institute of Automation 5. Independent development of Microwave Micky Holdorf 6. CherryPi Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research Lab 7. Independent Development of McRave Christian McCrave 8. Arrakhammer Stanford University AI Research Team StarCraft AI Contest: Sponsored by AIIDE Conference (AI for Interactive Digital Entertainment), one of the three major Star AI games (including AIIDE, CIG, and SSCAIT). The competition aims to promote and evaluate real-time strategy games (RTS) for artificial intelligence. significance. A total of 28 teams participated in the competition, 15 of which belonged to independent teams, and most of them were AI research teams affiliated with universities. DeepMind, an artificial intelligence company owned by Google (creator of AlphaGo), did not participate in the contest. (Source: Internet consolidation) Pay attention to NetEase smart public number (smartman163), get the latest report of artificial intelligence industry.