NOKIA Nokia steel smart watch experience

After buying a Nokia (NOKIA) steel smart watch, I didn't know why at the end. There is a little bit of a design estimate for faith. For contact with a Nokia smart watch, it was still called withings at the time last year, a smart wearable device technology company acquired by Nokia. And last year, the icon in the smart watch dial was the logo of the withings. After less than a year it was no longer replaced by the Nokia logo and became a real Nokia product. NOKIA steel smart watch - appearance 1.1 out of the box It can be said that Nokia (NOKIA) steel smart watch packaging can not see the little trace of withings, there is only Nokia's logo and 36mm dial size under the watch, the box is portable in the back and side of the right The basic introduction of Chinese and English products. The Chinese counterpart on the back is just blocked by a piece of paper and cannot be viewed. It supports iOS 8+ and Android 4.3 systems. Pull out the watch box from the outer packaging. The box is made of cardboard. The whole is white. The front is Nokia's logo. It has a certain magneticity. You can see the appearance at hand when you open it. For the packing list, the watch, the card pin, and the instruction manual must specifically indicate that the power source of the watch is a button battery without a charger. When I was disassembling, I wondered why there was no charger and what was the use of the card pin. Customer service only knows the reason. I don't know what to say about this button battery. The manual is very simple. There are some things I need to figure out how to use it. 1.2 Appearance I feel like he is a watch, do not see where the intelligence can be embodied, the dial color is consistent with the color of the strap black, the dial by the 2 is the time and the sports display, there is no excessive modification there are just Nokia's logo The material of the strap is silicone, it can be said to be soft and skin-friendly, and there is no extra strap. If you want to replace the strap, you can buy it directly on a certain treasure. Compared with steel HR, steel has less liquid crystal display and the logo is not the same as the style. For the mineral glass mirror from my steel HR can be seen in the scratch resistance is not very good, the mirror has a certain degree of curvature, see It's more pleasing to the eye. The clasp's workmanship is more elaborate than that of the previous steel HR, and the Nokia logo is printed on the thicker material. It is estimated that it is a matter of time. The strap is black in color and has a smaller gap in the strap hole. It is easier to adjust when worn and has a hydrophobic structure inside. Steel does not have a heart rate test on the back is just a stainless steel lid, its thickness is not as thick as the steel HR, has its ID card on the top and the model also has a dot on the lid is the card pin press to replace the battery, just put on the stone is Scratches. The strap is removable and can also be replaced with other straps. 二·Use 2.1 APP Before downloading the app, you need to untie the previous steel HR device before you can use it. To start the connection, follow the instructions of the app. You need to activate the watch to connect the phone, and then you can use the training pointer. Previously used APP was not very well optimized. Most of them were introduced in English since they were upgraded to “HEAITH MATE”. The interface made it clear that they recorded the number of steps and the quality of sleep in their journal. Click on each item. There are specific introductions and in each presentation there is no comparison chart that summarizes each day. Dashboards and diaries don't produce much. I can set alarms on my device, which is the alarm clock in the morning. 2.2 Use Because it is a button battery, it is impossible to talk about battery life. To replace the battery, simply replace the battery with a pin to replace the cover. After the cover is closed, there will be a certain amount of water vapor. It feels good to wear it, because the strap is silicone material does not feel Lele, waterproof problems are not, do not worry about water into the table, it is very easy to use. III. Summary advantage: Like his design style, comfortable to wear; Easy to use, as a table, it is indeed enough. Disadvantages: Mineral mirrors and stainless steel table frames are easy to scratch; There is no luminous function, it is a waste table at night; The price around 1000 is using button batteries; Without an incoming call reminder, the exercise data record only has steps and sleep.