# The original innovator # Xiaomeng new start SONY Sony SBH70 Bluetooth headset (Z benefits) Unpacking

Reading tips - Can Amazon's Z-Affordable (non-new product) be bought? Sony SBH70 Bluetooth headset easy to use? How is the sound quality? Reasons to purchase Usual EarPods headphones have always been used iPhone. And they are more intrusive on in-ear headphones, tried a variety of Bluetooth headsets, basically all in-ear style, wear the feeling of the whole person sullen, "stethoscope" effect is not like in-ear one of the reasons. Head-worn and feel too much, is usually crowded to work subway, one feels very conspicuous, two is too crowded on the car is not convenient. In addition, because of the freedom to feel like wireless, I always wanted a non-in-ear Bluetooth headset. Searching for a long time on the Internet, there are not many options available to meet my “exotic” conditions. 99% of Bluetooth headsets on the market are ear-mounted and head-mounted. Inadvertently saw that someone in the forum introduced the Bluetooth headset of the Saunie SBH70, which is in full compliance with my conditions, and also found that this condition is not the only one of me. "I" is not alone. So we can plant our own grass and we can't own it. A dong sells 599 yuan, Taobao is worried about the depth of water, dare not start. Occasionally see Amazon has "Z benefits" (non-new products), the price of 441 yuan, more than 140 yuan cheaper than the original price, so he decided to try Amazon's non-new products in the end can not buy it? Orders are paid on Friday afternoon and couriers are received on Monday (I chose to receive goods only on working days). Appearance Gallery I was in a bad mood. I received the parcel and I was in good condition. Open the package, see the box, intact and not damaged, but it should have been opened. There are also Amazon's "Z Affordable Checked and Packaged" stickers. Open the package, remove the headset, and carefully look for a while, and did not find the "Z benefits" described on the details of "may have been activated, may return to the factory to repair or replace the main components.. A small amount of the appearance of the front of the article is damaged (less than 2.5cm x 2.5cm). A small amount of the appearance of the top of the item is damaged (less than 1cm x 1cm). The bottom of the item has a moderate appearance (less than 2.5cm x 2.5cm). The side of the item has a moderate appearance (less than 2.5cm x 2.5cm). The back of the item has a moderate appearance (less than 2.5cm x 2.5cm). The heart is happy. The accessory has only one charging cable and should be a standard micro-USB interface cable. What the instructions are in English, only three packs of the certificate is in Chinese, the invoice is a formal invoice issued by Amazon, is a bit crumpled, so there is no camera. The following is the appearance of the earphone body, the earphone is softer than imagined, skin-like feel, feels very soft and comfortable. That is, the wire is indeed as thin as the netizens say, but it does not mean that it looks like it is easy to break. Earphone head size is really very like with Apple's EarPods. Wearing this earphone with the Apple earphones is very cordial and easy to wear. Like to see the Saussurean LOGO Long press the switch, flashing lights, open the phone Bluetooth, smooth connection, no problem. There is a headset connection icon at the top of the phone and there is also a headphone battery display, which is very intimate. experience feelings Let's answer a few questions that people are concerned about: 1, this SBH70 Bluetooth headset wearing feel, basically in Apple's original headset is quite (previously already said). To be different, that is, this is a flat-headed one. It is still slightly different after wearing it. 2, sound quality: so to speak, the sound quality is better than Apple's original EarPods 2 paragraphs. If EarPods can play 60 points (he said that the headphones below 10,000 yuan are all heard, but you still have to say that the ring and ring are still poor), then the SBH70 can reach 85 points. Specifically, the bass area is much more powerful than EarPods, and it clearly feels awkward vibrations (forgiving Xiaomeng's new vocabulary is only so small). It's more awesome and it's better to know that this is a bluetooth. Headphone, ah, can have such sound quality, really exceeded expectations, let me have some small surprises. (Whether Z Affordable (not a new product) on PS Amazon can be bought or bought? And the character is a bit better, there is a good chance that you can buy a good product with a good value equivalent to a brand new product, which is full of value for money.) to sum up The comfort and sound quality of this Bluetooth headset is completely worthy of this price. Suitable for everyday use listening to music, watching videos in the ordinary scene. But for the gods who have "golden ear", this is just a capable headset. After all, there are a large number of high-end Bluetooth headsets available for several K-class prices. In general, if you are a person who does not have particularly high requirements for sound quality and needs the freedom of wireless headphones, you don’t want to invest too much in terms of price. This Sony SBH70 Bluetooth headset is definitely a very worthwhile choice. If you add the "do not like in-ear and headset style" and "a certain brand quality assurance" such restrictions, this headset is almost the best choice. Personal comprehensive recommendation: Wear ★★★★☆ Sound quality ★★★★☆ Function ★★★★☆ Cost-effective ★★★★☆ Recommended degree ★★★★☆