TV industry release "artificial intelligence technology development proposal"

On June 28, 2017, China Electronics Video Industry Association organized the "Twelfth Chinese Digital Grand Ceremony" in Beijing. Domestic and foreign color TV giants, emerging Internet color TV brands, upstream LCD panel factories, chip factories, and Internet content service providers gathered to exchange the future development trend of the TV industry, and jointly issued the “Proposal on Artificial Intelligence Technology Development in the TV Industry”. In recent years, with the rapid development of big data and artificial intelligence technologies, color TV companies have begun to apply artificial intelligence technology to the human-computer interaction of televisions, and the products have gained favorable comments from consumers after they are on the market. However, artificial intelligence technology itself is still in its infancy. How to use artificial intelligence technology to promote the transformation and upgrade of color TV industry has become the focus of attention in the industry. Under this background, the video association organization domestic and foreign manufacturers jointly drafted "color TV industry artificial intelligence technology development proposal." The proposal clearly stated that the color TV industry is driven by innovation, strengthening the research and development of artificial intelligence technology, and becoming the main force in promoting the popularization of artificial intelligence technology in the home. At the same time, the proposal also defines a series of development goals such as information security, cross-domain collaboration, standards development, and personnel training. In the summit dialogue, Hao Yabin, vice president and secretary-general of the China Electronics Industry Association, elaborated the following points: First, intelligent display will bring a huge economic wave in the future, and artificial intelligence technology will be an important driving factor. Instead of defining artificial intelligence as a tuyere, we are leading the next smart driver of the Blue Ocean. Compared to small-screen terminals, TVs have the advantage of a strong immersive experience, but they have poor interactivity and can be compensated by artificial intelligence. Secondly, in the era of information overload, the effective information that consumers need is often not accurately delivered, but can be solved through artificial intelligence and big data. At present, artificial intelligence technology is still in its infancy, and the intelligentization of color TVs is not yet mature. There are more than 400 million non-smart TVs in the industry, which will bring important development opportunities to the industry. Third, we must intensify innovation based on consumer demand. As consumers have changed, major changes have taken place in product forms, service experience methods, supply methods, and even production methods. Consumers live in a more free, personalized, open, interactive, diversified and colorful world. The progress of people’s aesthetic concepts and the pursuit of authenticity and detail are endless. Personalization, scene-based and mass customization are possible. . Fourth, with the development of artificial intelligence technology, a new ecological pattern will be constructed. In the era of smart display, narrowly speaking, it is the era of TV intelligence. Terminals, broadband networks, operational services, human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, experience, and content may all become new accelerators, and a user-centered, smart display interface is formed. Smart home ecosystem. This is the next feast of the color TV industry. In the future, under the effect of artificial intelligence, big data and other technology overlays, smart displays, including large-screen displays, will be a huge blue ocean. The association will work together with all sectors of the industry to achieve the concept of collaborative innovation and win-win cooperation. On the one hand, it will jointly promote artificial intelligence as an engine. The smart display industry is developing rapidly and healthily, realizing the new take-off of the color TV industry. On the other hand, it strives to enhance the consumer experience so that consumers can truly enjoy the convenience brought by technology. The "Color TV Industry Artificial Intelligence Technology Development Proposal" reads as follows: In order to promote the healthy development of artificial intelligence technologies and applications in the color TV industry, we advocate an innovation strategy based on user experience. The China Electronics Video Industry Association and related companies issued the following initiatives. First, the color TV industry is driven by innovation, strengthening the research and development of artificial intelligence technology, and has become the main force promoting the popularization of artificial intelligence technology in the home. Second, adhere to the people-oriented, improve the quality of life and entertainment experience as the core. Thirdly, TV is fully promoted from the home Internet portal for the display interaction and control center of home information services. Fourth, always put information security first, focusing on privacy protection, equipment security, data security and financial security. V. Following the law of technological development, from the stage of emphasizing recognition, search and control to behavioral prediction, decision making and transaction execution, the ultimate realization of a high degree of integration of human, material, and material letters. 6. Color TV enterprises and related fields in the industry will actively strengthen cooperation to create a home-equipment and interconnection data sharing mechanism. VII. Strengthen the joint R&D and standard system construction, and vigorously construct the artificial intelligence ecosystem in the field of home entertainment and information services. VIII. Strengthen the construction of a talented team and cultivate a group of artificial intelligence core talents who are creative, skilled, and responsible. 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