Office health tips

Frequent sedentary office does not feel that the closed environment not only limits our infinite creativity, but also makes our living conditions in a sub-health state, especially the gloomy and oppressive atmosphere in winter will make our mood depressed, come to the winter office health What details should be brought to our attention.

LBY is a professional manufacturer specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing of LED light for worldwide sign industry. Since 2004, we have been devoted to designing and producing more efficient and easily-installed LED products. At the same time, we also offer customized design, OEM and work instruction service. Our general target is saving total cost for customers.


2835led and 5050 LED Strip  is our main  LED Strip  for selling in the market now,now most of our Led Strip sell to Germany,Italy and USA,sourced by high output 2835 LED with good color conformity. 99.99% gold thread, pure copper bracket coated with silver,USA Intematix phosphor with CRI>90,SDCM≤3 each BIN,Double layer rolled copper FPC. 3M 300LSE tape attached,CE, RoHS and UL certified.



· City lighting, landscape lighting, commercial lighting and house contour lighting, etc.

 How to cut and connect strips?

cut and connect strip

 How to connect RGB strip with a controller?

connect strip and controllerstrip and controller

LED Strip

Led Strip,Decoration Strip,24V Led Strip,Waterproof Strip