Ruixuan and LG patent infringement case settlement

Recently, Ruixuan Technology (2489) officially closed the VCTV patent infringement lawsuit of VIZIO and LG Electronics. Both parties have signed a settlement and patent interaction authorization agreement. Although the company did not elaborate on the details of the interactive licensing agreement, Ruixuan and LG had a multi-layered strategic partnership, and the settlement of the two parties was expected in the market.

Ruixuan's main performance growth momentum in 2011 will come from emerging markets (India, Russia, China, etc.) and foundry business, as well as new models such as LED backlight, 3D, and smart TV. In response to the expansion of business scale, Suzhou Lexuan, which is invested by Ruixuan, is expected to expand its production before the end of the first quarter of 2011. After completion, the monthly production capacity of LCD TV will reach 1 million units and the monthly capacity of LCD monitors will reach 800,000 units.

In terms of new products, Ruixuan's LED-backlit LCD TV shipments in 2010 accounted for about 20%. It is estimated that the proportion of LED-backlit LCD TVs will increase to more than 30% in 2011. LED-backlit LCD monitor shipment penetration will reach 90%. In 2011, the proportion of 3D TV shipments is expected to reach more than 10%. In addition, Ruixuan officially announced the new Google TV model and cut into the smart TV field. It is expected to introduce mass production in the second half of 2011.

Hard Shell Led Strip refers to the LED chip assembled on the PCB hard board,for the shape is similar to the tape, called LED Hard Shell LED Strip

it adopts PCB as circuit board, which is mainly assembled by LED patch. It is stable and not easy to fall off, ensuring that LED chip can be used normally; and easy to fix and process, can not be bent, so can`t suitable for irregular places. Widely used in counters, exhibition halls, medicine cabinets, advertising light boxes, etc.

Hard Shell Led Strip

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