Global LED driver IC new product innovation technology analysis [Figure]


The development of semiconductor lighting technology and industry is much faster than people expected. Some characteristics of LED light source are unmatched by any artificial light source, such as rich color, high color saturation, concentrated beam, solid state light, fast response, and brightness. And color can be digital, intelligent, networked control and adjustment, and so on. The wide application of these new features will change the experience and habits of people's traditional lighting, trigger the transformation of lighting concepts and light culture, and promote the development of lighting products in a people-oriented and more humane direction.

The most important point is that LED lighting meets the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection. For this reason, governments have introduced policies to promote the development of solid-state lighting technology. The US Department of Energy has been promoting research and development of solid-state lighting technology as early as 2000, and has supported many R&D projects. achievement. It can be said that the implementation of the SSL plan has made considerable progress in the field of solid-state lighting. The Ministry of Science and Technology of China has launched the "Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Miles" semiconductor lighting demonstration project to push LEDs to a broader market and promote the LED industry to become bigger and stronger. At the same time, the European Union, Germany, Japan, South Korea and other places have also launched similar plans. The successive introduction of these policies will accelerate the development of LED lighting.

Since the LED is a characteristic sensitive semiconductor device, it has a negative temperature characteristic. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the stable working state during the application process, thereby generating the concept of driving. Unlike ordinary incandescent bulbs, LEDs can be directly connected to 220V AC mains. The LED is a low voltage driver of 2-3 volts, and it is necessary to design a complicated conversion circuit, and the LED driving power supply is highly required. The quality of the drive power is one of the key guarantees for the longevity of LEDs.

This report analyzes the 2009 LED market-driven form, technical difficulties LED driver, a list of 19 outstanding analysis of the LED driver IC manufacturers 2009 new LED driver IC new products, hoping to use LED driver IC to provide some selection help.

Chapter 1 Status of LED Driver Market Industry at Home and Abroad

1.1 LED Driver International Market Analysis

LED driver market distribution (Research and Markets research institutes perspective (2009-07-02))

Since the commercialization of high-brightness LEDs (100 lm/W) and the continuous price reduction of LEDs (1 yen/lm), LEDs have become easier to enter into diversified applications, and LED-related terminal products have developed more rapidly. Among them, the main hero of LED lighting is the LED driver IC. Figure 1 below shows the global LED driver IC market value forecast.

Global LED driver IC market value forecast

Figure 1 Global LED driver IC market value forecast Source :IMS

At present, the application goals of LED are very wide: mobile phones, handheld devices, LCD panel backlights, car headlights or other sources of light applied to outdoor, office and home. In the short term, the main application of LED will be extended from mobile phones to LCD panel backlights.

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