Talking about the entry point analysis of LED lighting market development

Led lighting market is getting hotter and hotter, and from the current market point of view, LED lighting industry will not usher in a period of rapid development of the industry. From a foreign point of view, the first areas that are currently being promoted are also in 2, 3, but LED street lights are very cautious. Therefore, even the boss who believes in blind LED street lamps is likely to become a "revolutionary pioneer," while the other two markets will instead cultivate the "leaders" of many industries.

At present, the hottest LED street lights in China are under the impetus of the Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Cities of the Ministry of Science and Technology. With astounding enthusiasm, many people have entered this market and appear to be the first lighting areas. At present, there are 21 pilot cities across the country, with an estimated 1 million baht. The Ministry of Science and Technology plans to approve 50 cities next year, which is expected to reach 2 million baht. This is Chinese characteristics! It can also be regarded as the creation of Chinese speed! However, the overall product maturity is worrying; it may also be the first market in the lighting industry that has been eroded. Is there any suspicion that the LED guardrail lights are in the early stages? Is the bubble more serious? Although it is very prosperous and lively, it is foreseeable that after the government took the money and eventually produced a group of good LED optoelectronic technology companies after 2-3 years, this may be the ultimate goal of the government.

Led lights cup, should be concerned, light cup is one of the first areas of LED lighting began, has been mainly due to product solutions is not mature enough, it is difficult to large-scale application. From the previous die-casting to aluminum extrusions, the products that can really solve the problem of heat dissipation and power supply have not yet been seen. That is, there is no product solution that can be applied commercially. Although the cost of LED itself has dropped significantly, the market has not been a big improvement. Recently, there have been reports of some foreign reports that Toshiba has introduced some products that can well solve the lamp cup heat dissipation and power supply. If this is the case, I think the lamp cup market should follow T8-led soon afterwards. It is also one of the first areas in which LED has the hope of becoming bigger.

LED similar to the T8 tube application, from the current market product program perspective, has been close to the introduction of commercial products, even considered the first to be a mature market to promote. At present, it can be used as a market for parking lots, shopping malls, advertising backlights, etc., and the current product cost and selling price are basically close to the point of commercial application (150). A good product has a mature solution in terms of optics, heat dissipation, and power handling. The product is also the closest to commercialization. Of course, there are still a lot of low quality products in the market. This is the biggest challenge at the moment. With the introduction of the US Energy Star and relevant European Union standards, I believe that the above issues will be greatly improved, that is, the commercialization of T8-LED will begin.

At present, the hope of this subdivided area can be seen from the fact that Wal-Mart has started to replace the traditional fluorescent tubes with the T8-LED in the world.

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