Jingke Electronics will bring the new light source products such as Yixing II and COB to CHINASSL

The 9th China International Semiconductor Lighting Exhibition (CHINASSL 2012) will be held on November 5th at the Guangzhou World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. LED lighting device solutions company - Jingke Electronics (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jingke Electronics), will bring the star light source products - Yixing second generation products to the debut, while exhibiting the latest COB products and the first in Guangdong Province Batch of standard optical component products for customer experience, and provide corresponding application solutions to promote cooperation between downstream applications.

It is understood that the Yi series is a star product series of APT Electronics Ltd. This series of products is based on APT patented technology - flip-chip soldering technology, which realizes gold-free and solid-free plastic package of single-chip and multi-chip modules. It has high brightness, high light efficiency, high reliability, low thermal resistance and consistent color. Good character and so on.

The newly launched Yixing second-generation products have higher brightness and higher reliability than the first generation, and at the same time solve the problems such as flares, and the initial sales have been widely recognized by the market. This series of products has 4 sub-series products, which can be applied to urban lighting, decorative lighting, architectural lighting, special light sources, automotive lighting, various backlights, etc., to meet various lighting needs. In addition, Jingke Electronics will exhibit a variety of COB products to meet the needs of different customers with its sustainable and innovative research and development capabilities.

Jingke Electronics Booth: 1D21

In this exhibition, the first batch of Guangdong standard optical component products will also be unveiled at the Jingke booth. This is the first LED lighting standard optical component project in Guangdong since May, and 22 scientific research institutions and related companies in the United Nations have established “standards”. Since the Joint Research Alliance for Optical Components, the first batch of project results have been publicly displayed for the first time.

(This article is the electronic submission of Jingke)

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