Tongpu: LED display energy saving needs technological innovation on the overall plan

This year, with the awareness of global energy conservation and environmental protection, the issue of energy conservation and emission reduction has been continuously strengthened. Many countries and regions in the world have introduced policies to support the development of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly LED industry. Many LED display manufacturers are also scrambling to launch various An LED display with energy-saving technology.

Tongpu LED display manufacturers reminded that energy saving does not rely on the technical improvement of a certain device of the display, but the technological innovation of the overall solution. In terms of high-end, it is not only high-end components, new processing technology, scientific and reasonable structural design, but also features such as single point detection, point-by-point correction and wireless status return, so that brightness uniformity ≤ 5% The flatness of the cabinet is greatly improved, the display effect is improved, and the screen failure rate is reduced.

In terms of energy saving, the kit is completely new in design, controlling reasonable tolerances, and maintaining proper clearance between modules when working at high and low temperatures; LED lamps have lower operating current at the same brightness, which can effectively reduce heat; With intelligent temperature control, the display temperature is lowered, the display effect is improved, and the life of the display is extended.

Tongpu's high-quality LED display products bring good advertising results and considerable operating cost to customers with its stable performance, high-definition video display and large energy-saving advantages.

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