Familiarity with Jane Whirlpool "Easy Style"

Familiarity for simplicity Whirlpool "Easy style" In 2012, the bird's song "Jiangnan style" can be said to be popular in the world. Overweight PSY, constantly repeating the movements of whipping horses and horses, coupled with the rhythm of music, people can not help but follow the impulse to dance together. Some network experts specifically analyzed that "Jiangnan Style" is very scientific and scientific - the rhythm of the songs is simple and clear, the melody is easy to remember, and the horse-riding dance is easy to learn. In a nutshell, it is that "simple" is more popular!

Nowadays, this “simple and popular” concept is duplicated on the washing machine. Whirlpool, a century-old home appliance expert, launched the easy-to-clean washing machine on the eve of Christmas 2012. It is simple, easy to operate, and smart and convenient. "Easy style". The simple mode in which the young and old can operate will lead a new wave of laundry.

Easy style for easier manipulation

What kind of design is the most in line with consumer demand? Whirlpool's answer is two words - simple. Whirlpool insists on rejecting complexity, pursuing efficiency, and giving customers the easiest operating experience, allowing customers to enjoy the ease and joy that this brings.

Easy-Hyun series adopts a new intelligent minimalist operation interface. After the washing machine is powered on, turn the knob, select the desired program, and tap the center of the knob to start washing. It is fast and clear. It eliminates the troubles of complicated buttons and unknown operations. With simple operations, you can meet your diverse laundry needs.

If you are lazy and don’t want to choose which program to use, give it Whirlpool’s unique “sixth sense” of wisdom. The user only needs to press the “sixth sense” start button for 3 seconds to start the sixth sense intelligent washing program. The washing machine can automatically sense the weight of the laundry and automatically assign different washing time accordingly.

In addition, the easy-hyun series also features a cool and easy-to-wash feature, presenting a user-friendly operation interface using digital language expressions. The laundry work is clearly divided into three steps: boot, program selection, and start-up. This enables the user to use the same SLR camera as it does. To achieve a fool operation can also choose to adjust each washing step. Free laundry, easy to control.

Smart style, easy and worry-free

When dealing with new appliances, it is necessary to study thick instructions, and people feel very headache. Is there wood? The machine is broken and I do not know where the fault occurred. It is very tangled. Is there wood? Whirlpool Yi-Hyun washing machine can easily solve this problem with the smart style created by voice support function.

It is understood that Yi-Xing series has a voice support function that can guide users to use, when you make an operation, there will be a voice prompt and you explain and confirm the current settings, effectively avoiding misuse. This washing machine also has an automatic broadcast function, users do not have to look closely, you can know the status of the laundry, so that dipping, washing, bleaching, and take off four steps in the master, you can enjoy the wisdom of style easy to bring the series to bring Easy and convenient.

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