Fujian Putian's 2012 LED LCD TV exports increased by 70% year-on-year

The reporter learned from the Fujian Putian Inspection and Quarantine Bureau that according to the statistics of the bureau, the export value of Putian LED LCD TV in 2012 was 7.307 million US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 70%. It is expected that the export volume will continue to grow at a high speed this year, which will become another growth point for Putian's foreign trade.

The data shows that since the first export of Putian LED LCD TV in 2009, it has achieved substantial growth for three consecutive years, and the annual growth rate of exports has reached more than 50%. Under the unfavorable situation that China’s export trade declined in 2012, the export Still very impressive.

In recent years, Putian LED LCD TV export enterprises have continued to stabilize the export markets of Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries, and have made important progress in exploring other international markets. Products in the Americas, Australia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, etc. Emerging markets also have a place, and the value of exports has increased by a large margin.

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