ELO TOUCH SOLUTIONS launches new interactive digital signage solution

21ic News Elo Touch Solutions (Elo) has announced a new interactive digital signage (IDS) platform for applications such as retail, hotels and office buildings. The Elo 3201L 32-inch, 4201L 42-inch, and 7001L 70-inch (IDS) touch screens combine high-efficiency, large-scale light-emitting diode (LED) high-definition (HD) screens with optional Intel Core for Microsoft® Windows® TM) i3 or i5 computer component. The Elo IDS Series features a professional-grade built-in touch screen and integrated computing power, making it a reliable choice for interactive digital marketing content. EloViewTM remote management software enables centralized visibility and control management of distributed interactive digital signage from a browser, smartphone or tablet.

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By providing in-store endless aisle, virtual wardrobes, loyalty program promotions and other online resources, Elo IDS technology helps retailers enhance the customer experience and increase sales efficiency. Elo's interactive digital signage (IDS) platform is intuitive, reliable and secure, adapting to a variety of retail environments, enabling design style, lighting, humidity, gloves, 24/7 reliability and ease of deployment. Every aspect is optimized to meet the specific needs of retailers.

Craig Witsoe, CEO of Elo Touch Solutions, said: “Elo's millions of real-world retail installations around the world provide unique insights into our next-generation touch innovations, redefining the way to attract and retain customers. With our extensive product portfolio, strong industry partnerships and proven quality and reliability, Elo has become a professional retail platform provider designed specifically for touch."

The new Elo IDS solution covers offices (interactive whiteboards, floor guides, virtual receptions), shopping centers (guidelines), hotels (facilities introductions), and real estate (360° looking around buildings and facilities). Elo will present its new IDS solution at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center (Booth #2C16) from September 4th to 6th, 2013.

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