Recycling of used home appliances needs benefit support

Recycling of used home appliances needs benefit support After years of efforts, regular recycling channels have not found a balance with consumer interests. For consumers, its benefits are not just reflected in the cost of recycling. Many consumers have stated that it is not the key to returning home appliances. What they care about is the convenience and timeliness of recycling procedures. On the banana peel website, the author saw that many people donated all the tens of thousands of points they received for the sale of old appliances and did not redeem any goods. It is not difficult to see that consumers do not want money, but also want to achieve a good environmental protection desire. Just as consumers have stated that in order not to pollute the environment, many household appliances and mobile phones that have been eliminated are picked up at home. Because they don’t need to collect waste products, they throw away the polluted environment and don’t know where to send them. People who have a strong sense of environmental protection like this are not a minority. They don't care how much money they get when they get old. What they care about is that they cannot find a formal recycling channel, or find a formal channel but they are unresponsive, and they cannot wait for days. Return to your door.

For consumers, benefits are not the only fulcrum they are passionate about making the old. But for the recycling channel, benefits are an indispensable fulcrum. The formal recycling channels are all corporate operations, and non-profit projects are completely inactive for the enterprise. For example, attempts to establish formal recycling channels through vendors have so far been unsuccessful. I have experienced home appliance stores in the recycling of old appliances, although sales staff in the sales of home appliances will ensure that the recovery staff will immediately notify the home recycling of old appliances, but ultimately was the store staff "put the pigeons." The reason is that in the process of recycling, the store did not receive any benefit, and the salesperson responsible for notifying the door-to-door recycling did not receive a penny of income. Under such circumstances, the enthusiasm of enterprises and salesmen cannot be fully mobilized. “Be busy and have no time” has become a reason not to inform consumers that there is a formal recycling channel and that consumers of recycling companies need to be recycled. Over time, this recycling channel was artificially blocked. Consumers can't find regular recycling channels, nor can consumers find regular channels. If the sales company can obtain a certain profit from the recycling, the sales staff can also get some income from it, and the enthusiasm of the company and the individual may be very different from now.

For a formal dismantling company, if there is no national subsidy, I am afraid it is necessary to dismantle the number of losses, and simply do not mention that "profit is the essence of the enterprise." At this point, they simply cannot compete with the small traders. Small traders can earn dozens or hundreds of dollars by selling old appliances. The illegal dismantling of investment without any environmental protection measures is merely refining the value of money and the cost of dismantling is extremely low and the profits are considerable. Who knows which is more attractive and which is better, compared to how much profit there is and how much to lose.

The formal recovery and dismantling of old household appliances was originally a time-consuming and labor-consuming and non-profitable business. How can we find the fulcrum of interest? The author believes that this requires strong support from policies, and it requires a small portion of profits for enterprises that manufacture and sell home appliances to make profits. Subsidies go into formal recycling, allowing formal recycling and dismantling to be profitable, so that each of us can have long-term benefits - a healthy environment.

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