LED fluorescent anti-glare solution

LED fluorescent anti-glare solution At present, there are many manufacturers of LED fluorescent lamps on the market, I believe we all have to face a thorny problem: LED glare and light spots and strong light direction.

For LED dazzling problems, various manufacturers currently use a variety of methods, such as the use of brushed PC masks, the use of frosted masks, the use of special phosphor materials, etc., but these methods are not ideal, drawing masks can be Elimination of glare, but the phenomenon of light spots is more serious, people tend to fatigue after a longer time under this lamp, if you use the eyes under this kind of lamp for a long time, it will lead to eye astigmatism; while the use of frosted and milky face mask for light loss Too big, the effect is bad.

LED lighting is a market with a bright future. It is recommended that when engineers form this market, they should pay attention to the lighting comfort of LED lamps, while paying attention to the efficiency, luminous flux, and service life of LED lamps. Convinced that technology can be a good solution to comfort, will help you better capture the market.

After using the above optical film, each LED is brighter but not dazzling when viewed intuitively. The diaphragm makes the LED daylight light line more uniform and the viewing angle becomes significantly wider. The working principle of this kind of diaphragm is that the LED spot light source that shines on the diaphragm above the diaphragm becomes the surface light source to output evenly, so can solve the problems of glare, spot and widen the illumination range at the same time. In addition, the diaphragm transmits light. The rate is above 90 and the degree of contrast is limited.

In general, the use of optical films has the following advantages:

1. Eliminate LED-specific light spots. Since the LED fluorescent lamp is arranged in two rows or three rows, there is a gap between the light emitted from each point light source, so that light spots occur within a certain distance; after the optical film is used, the optical film is used. The incident point light source light is evenly diffused and becomes a divergent light source, so that the light becomes very uniform and the light spot problem is completely solved.

2. Widen the irradiation angle. LED light emitting direction is very strong, the irradiation angle is about 120 degrees, it is easy to produce blind spots; after the optical film is used, due to the unique diffusibility of the optical film, the light irradiation range can be extended to 180 degrees. Around, this can effectively eliminate the blind area of ​​lighting.

The direct benefit of the use of optical film in LED fluorescent lamps is that the same amount of LED fluorescent lighting is used. In the same area of ​​space, the LED fluorescent tube with diaphragm has no illumination blind area and the light is uniform, and the lighting effect is far more than that of ordinary LED. fluorescent lamp. And the greater the required lighting area, the more obvious this advantage.

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