Midea Group's listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has spawned 7 billion executives

It is understood that after approval by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, on September 17, Midea Group completed the absorption and exchange of 1:0.3447 for Midea Electric Appliances, and listed and traded at the opening reference price of 44.56 yuan/share. The securities abbreviation was changed to “Mei Group”. The stock code was changed to “000333”, and there was no limit on the first day of trading.

In the morning of the 19th, Midea Group opened its share price at 40.50 yuan, a decrease of 9.11%. Subsequently, it rose to the reference price of 44.56 yuan / share, and was stopped by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. At 10:51, the US group once pulled up after the resumption of trading, hitting a high of 46.40 yuan / share. At the close, Midea Group's closing price was 42.24 yuan / share, down 2.32 yuan, down 5.21%, the amplitude reached 14.63%.

In 1993, Midea Electric Co., Ltd. landed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The market value of IPO issued at the time of listing was 800 million. In 2010, Midea Group entered China's 100 billion corporate club and became the first 100 billion enterprise in Foshan. This year, the United States ranked 10th among the top 500 Chinese companies with a scale of 102.7 billion yuan in 2012. After the listing, the latest market value was 71.23 billion, and the market value of the 20-year market increased nearly 90 times. Midea Group's operating income in the first half of this year was nearly 66 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14%.

As one of the few 100 billion private enterprises in China, Midea Group has been receiving much attention since its strategic transformation in 2011. In addition to having production bases in many places in China, Midea Group has strategically deployed in Vietnam, Belarus, Egypt, Brazil and other places in recent years. In the merger report, Midea Group said that it will take the lead in product, efficiency-driven and global operation as the main axis of strategic planning in the next three years, and further promote the efficiency-oriented connotative growth model.

Midea Group issued a total of 686 million A shares, after the issuance of the company's total share capital of 1.686 billion shares, the issue price of 44.56 yuan / share. Calculated according to yesterday's closing price, the total market value is 71.230 billion yuan. Liu Xiaoyong, an associate professor at the School of Economics and Trade of South China University of Technology, believes that the overall listing will not solve all the problems. The key to the success of the transformation and upgrading is whether the company can adapt to the rapidly changing global market demand.

From the perspective of revenue and total assets, Midea Group has surpassed Qingdao Haier and Gree Electric Appliances to become the largest listed home appliance company of A shares. Seven executives, including Chairman Fang Hongbo, also successfully entered the ranks of billionaires.

With the completion of the overall listing, Midea Group has spawned a group of executives with hundreds of millions of net worth. According to the US group's issue price of 44.56 yuan / share, issued shares of 710 million shares, the group's chairman Fang Hongbo, president Huang Jian, senior vice president Yuan Liqun and other seven executives will reach 1.6 billion, 1.3 billion, 1.1 billion , 900 million, 900 million, 900 million, 400 million. As the founder of Midea and the actual controller of Midea Group, He Xiangjian’s net worth doubled after the overall listing of the United States, reaching 27 billion yuan.

In addition, Midea Group revealed that the company has already discussed and initiated the proposal to establish a private bank in principle, and relevant work is already underway. The US proposal to establish a bank has also received support from relevant departments of Foshan City and Guangdong Province.

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