Turning to the domestic market, Zhongming Semiconductor will debut at the high-tech LED lighting exhibition

Shenzhen Zhongming Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongming Semiconductor”), which owns two brands of Civilight and V-light in the European and American markets, has been introduced into the domestic market since 2010 and is used in the domestic market as the quality of overseas markets. Very beneficial. With strong R&D strength and perfect quality assurance system, Zhongming Semiconductor has a high reputation in the LED industry at home and abroad.

Zhongming Semiconductor will display a series of lighting products such as ceiling lamps, downlights and kitchen lights at the 2013 Hi-Tech LED Lighting Exhibition, which opened on November 25. Kang Xiangjun, head of Zhongming Semiconductor Exhibition, told Gaogong LED reporter that the biggest highlight of this exhibition was the light color, which indicated that it reached more than 90.

In terms of technology, Zhongming Semiconductor has its own patents. The company has always attached great importance to technology research and development, investing a large amount of money every year for technology research and development, and starting from the needs of users, constantly introducing cutting-edge products that lead the industry and technology trends. At present, the company has 124 patents in the field of LED and LED lighting, including 89 domestic patents and 35 international patents, including 55 invention patents. Many products are listed as industry standards.

Kang Xiangjun said that Zhongming's semiconductor products are generally positioned at the mid-to-high end level in the domestic market, and are divided into three categories according to market conditions. The first is the civilian light source, mainly for the end consumers; the second is the commercial light source, such products have higher performance requirements, mainly used for high-end commercial lighting; the third is commercial lamps, including ceiling lamps, downlights, wall washers, grille lamps , track lights, light panels, etc.

Zhongming Semiconductor's products were exported to Europe and the United States in 2003. Now it is gradually establishing a perfect agency system in the same country. Today, Zhongming Semiconductor has 26 agents and 10 specialty stores nationwide. "Those hot-selling products, now agents are urging us to lend, we are also constantly rushing to the order." Kang Xiangjun said very easily and cheerfully to reporters. It can be seen that Zhongming Semiconductor has developed well in the domestic market.

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