LED listed companies nationwide "mopping up"

"Tao, channel also. By 'Tao', the meaning of the channel." Step into the new era of LED lighting development, LED listed companies in the capital field, after a series of pains or setbacks, began to reflect, but also began Understand the true meaning of the “channel is king” in the lighting industry.

The industry leader of " halfway to the home "
In recent years, LED lighting has become the “sweet” in the industry, and many companies that have never been involved in the lighting field have poured into the LED lighting industry. Many listed companies in the upstream field of LED packaging and LED chips have been actively turning to the field of applied lighting in the past two years. They have begun to develop LED lighting fixtures, pay attention to general lighting products, and fully deploy the domestic LED lighting market. Taking Shenzhen Wanrun Technology Co., Ltd. as an example, Wanrun Technology, known as “the leading company in the field of LED packaging”, has gradually shifted its focus to the field of LED general lighting in recent years, and is committed to providing cost-effective products. Such converted LED companies, compared with traditional lighting companies, their channel development is still in its infancy, and many blank areas have yet to be developed. At this year's Guangzhou International LED Lighting Exhibition, Wanrun Technology has launched a business advertisement, recruiting distributors, agents and other partners across the country.

In 2012, the lighting industry continued to spread the news that LED listed companies have vigorously expanded their channels. They sent elite teams to carry out “mopping up” across the country in order to invigorate the entire domestic market and embed their products into the market. Before entering the field of LED general lighting, the channels of listed LED packaging and chip companies are mostly in “high places”, mainly for lighting companies. After joining the LED lighting army, the channel sinking became a problem they had to face. In response to the dilemma of the previous channel blanks, these listed "big names" racked their brains and made their own surprises.

Take Taiwan Everlight LED lighting as an example. Last year, Taiwan Everlight LED Lighting teamed up with the whole media to hold a national tour of the large-scale public welfare LED knowledge popularization activity "LED Lighting Lecture Hall", officially announced the full entry into the domestic market. In 2013, according to the Everlight Electronics Group, in order to strengthen its expansion in the mainland market and deepen the layout of the lighting application, Yiguang has established a management organization in Shanghai that governs the mainland lighting business: Yiguang Lighting Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Wu Zhengyu, general manager of Guangdong Boaosi Enterprise Design Co., Ltd. and a well-known marketing expert, was appointed as the general manager of the company, and recruited sales elites nationwide to conduct “devil-style” training. In 2012, at the launching ceremony of “LED Lighting Lecture Hall” in Linyi, Shandong Province, Ye Weifu, the chairman of Taiwan Everlight Electronics, mentioned that Yiguang has vertically integrated the entire LED industry chain, which is a tough battle for the domestic market. Already done enough.

Speed ​​up the pace of channel layout
In terms of brand promotion, LED listed companies have not relaxed for a moment. In 2012, listed companies such as Yiguang LED Lighting, Guoxing Optoelectronics, Snowlight Optoelectronics, and Changfang Lighting actively promoted the mainstream media in the industry, adding value to the brand, and also rang the horn of the national market. It is undeniable that these LED lighting "new recruits" have a large gap in the demand for channel construction. Therefore, they are frequently active in both publicity and investment promotion. For example, from the second half of 2012, Foshan Guoxing Optoelectronics held a general-purpose LED lighting promotion conference (patrol) across the country, set up an operation center, and recruited business partners who are sincerely cooperative, aiming to expand channels.

The proportion of lighting products is small, the channels are in urgent need of sinking, the publicity needs to be increased, and the transformation pains are the current status of LED listed companies. Although they are transformed from the upstream field of the LED industry, in the new era of LED, They are also the most promising companies to become the tide of the times. Looking at the LED industry in 2012, combined with the reports of various LED listed companies, we can see that LED companies have not achieved good results in the past year, including: LED display industry profits have declined, industry vicious competition, industry The relevant laws and regulations have not been perfected, and the rapid decline in product prices brought about by vicious competition has also lowered the profit rate of enterprises. It seems that in 2013, as the “channel construction year” of the lighting industry, every move of LED listed companies is particularly important.

" Reaction " on the road of investment

At this year's Guangzhou International LED Lighting Exhibition, the reporter noticed that Shenzhen Zhongming Technology, which focuses on LED display, Shenzhen Wanrun Technology, which is dedicated to LED packaging, and other listed LED “big wrists” have set up special LED lighting areas on the booth. , exhibiting its new LED lighting products, attracted a large audience. From packaging, chips to general purpose, from display screens to lighting fixtures, these companies are turning around. Compared with the traditional lighting giants with more than 10 years of lighting history, they have little "congenital deficiency" in the absence of industry precipitation, especially the channel network supplement. Therefore, LED listed companies have frequently played in the past two years and have been convening in the country. , dealer meetings, set up an elite sales team to concentrate on operations, in order to seek a place in the market.

According to relevant statistics, in 2012, more than 60% of LED listed companies saw a decrease in profits. In the same year, overcapacity, price wars, bankruptcies, mergers and acquisitions, and the curtain industry dramas continued to be staged in the LED industry, and the entire LED industry did not usher in the spring as expected. From the end of last year to the beginning of this year, various listed companies have successively shown a "revenue" for one year. Words such as “declining performance” and “poor management” frequently appear in the annual report of LED listed companies. It is understood that LED lighting accounts for a small proportion of listed LED companies, and some companies even have less than one-tenth of LED lighting. In recent years, LED lighting has developed rapidly, and its potential is obvious to the industry. Faced with a small share of LED lighting companies, LED listed companies seem to have a feeling of "being powerless." Therefore, we should see that LED listed companies should pay more attention to the lighting sector, so that the potential of LED lighting can be fully utilized.

For the dealers at the terminal, the LED listed companies are “Gao Fu Shuai” and “Bai Fumei”, and there is a feeling of “can not be met”. LED listed companies have relatively high thresholds for merchants in terms of investment, both “sincere and boxing” and “door-to-door”. LED listed companies generally have requirements for performance, image, and publicity for the cooperative merchants, which makes it difficult for merchants to have large profits in the early stage of operation. Jie Zhongfa, general manager of Guiyang Guoguang Lighting, said that the price of listed companies is generally high, the policy is not flexible enough, and the mechanism is relatively bloated. This is a test for dealers. At present, the price war of LED products is rising, people's acceptance and purchasing power are not high. Under the current situation, the agent listed brands such as holding a "double-edged sword", the ability to control is "like a tiger", otherwise it will "rebel."

At present, lighting applications are still the mainstay of engineering projects, especially outdoor lighting is still dominated by government projects. With the continuous introduction of national LED favorable policies, the price of products will gradually decline and the penetration rate will further increase. The advantages of LED listed companies in the engineering field are more significant, so engineering channel vendors are often the best choice for LED listed companies.

"Proxy LED listed company brand, the previous capital injection, store decoration and other aspects can get better help, we are willing to make such a choice.", "The brand is guaranteed, we are assured.", "Strong enterprise, reputation In addition, consumers are willing to buy such products." ... The voice of the merchants is one of the weights of these listed companies to win the market. In the large lighting market in Linyi, Shandong, Changzhou, Jiangsu and Ningbo, Zhejiang, there are many merchants who represent different LED listed brands. So, let's take a look at what kind of charm LED listed companies have, so that businesses can follow closely.

First, strong financial strength. As is known to all, LED listed companies raise funds through stock listings, which brings great convenience to the operation of the company in terms of capital. These funds can improve the company's capital structure and enable loans with lower interest rates. In addition, if the IPO is highly successful and will be very strong in the market in the future, then the company may issue additional shares at a better price. These conditions are attributed to the listing, and these advantages are also unlisted LED companies. do not have.

Second, master the core technology. Originally focused on LED packaging, chip and other fields of LED listed companies, they have mastered advanced research and development technology, have a full set of production equipment, etc., today's transformation of general lighting products research and development, for them is not a difficult thing. Therefore, the “integrated industry chain” is also often advocated by these listed LED companies. In their view, LED lighting products are one of the rings in the LED product chain, vertically integrated packaging, chips and other fields, involved in general lighting is a perfect industrial chain, why not?

Third, elite talents to join. Excellent R&D technical team is one of the magic weapons for listed LED companies to win the market. When competitors are struggling to develop new products, they may have already completed new products and are one step ahead. Listed companies tend to attract high-quality employees through high returns on equity or equity. The listed LED companies are undoubtedly the gathering place of top talents such as the industry's top marketers and senior engineers. Listed LED companies do not lack talents in product research and development, marketing, etc., and take advantage of talents to quickly expand their market presence in China.

In the era of traditional lighting, there are many excellent lighting brands. As the era of LED lighting comes, they are also facing transformation, and they are also suffering from the transformation. Listed LED companies are also among the transitioners. Comparing the two, we can easily see that the transformation of the industrial chain of the listed LED enterprises is far simpler and more beautiful than the transformation from the traditional lighting enterprises. They are the leaders in the LED industry chain. They have the conditions and strength to complete the gorgeous turn. In the industry, it quickly established its status as a river.

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