Garmin uses COACH14 to design its new VIRB series of sports cameras

CSR provides Garmin's new sports camera with excellent image quality, low power consumption and versatile features

CSR has announced that Garmin has adopted CSR COACH14 â„¢ digital camera processor to design its first series of sports cameras. The Garmin VIRB â„¢ Standard Edition and VIRB â„¢ Elite Sports Cameras were launched in August. They have excellent waterproof functions and can capture high-definition images of users' intense stunts.

Dan Bartel, Garmin ’s vice president of global sales, said: “This is our first high-end sports camera series, and we hope to maximize its impact on the market. By adopting CSR ’s COACH technology, our sports camera series can provide users with what they need. High-quality video effects. We have worked with CSR for many years, and the advanced technology provided by CSR has always made our products more competitive. "

COACH14 has high-quality video and static shooting functions, low power consumption and advanced features, which perfectly fit the design requirements of sports cameras. COACH14's unique digital video stabilization technology (DVS) can compensate for hand shake in real time. Even in extreme sports environments such as snowboarding and mountain biking, there is no need to connect an external gyroscope to ensure stable and smooth video effects. COACH14 also has a market-leading noise reduction function, providing high-quality video effects, advanced color reproduction functions and dynamic range performance for low-light environments.

In addition, COACH14's built-in lens correction technology can provide VIRB users with fisheye lens or distortion-free video shooting effects. At the same time, COACH14 also provides reliable still image processing capabilities to ensure that VIRB 16 million pixel camera shoots the highest quality still images. COACH14 also enables the VIRB camera to perform high-speed continuous shooting, time-lapse shooting, and still photography when recording images.

Slava Barabash, Vice President of CSR Imaging Products, said: "The sports camera market is developing rapidly, and it is expected that more than 13 million products will be produced by 2016. By using COACH14, Garmin does not need to use a gyroscope, which can save production costs and ensure that VIRB cameras are in various places. All environments have high-quality and full-HD image capture performance, thus providing users with the highest cost performance. "

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