Overview of the high-end A / V system of Hong Kong True Light Middle School

Hong Kong True Light Middle School is located in the Kowloon Tong area of ​​Hong Kong. Its history goes back to 1872. It was founded in Guangzhou by Ms. Harriet Noyes, the ancestor of the American Presbyterian Church.

Hong Kong True Light Middle School is located in the Kowloon Tong area of ​​Hong Kong. Its history goes back to 1872. It was founded in Guangzhou by Ms. Harriet Noyes, the ancestor of the American Presbyterian Church. This girls' secondary school is the first secondary school of its kind in Hong Kong to be equipped with professional stage lighting and sound systems. But what is special is that the operator team consists of 12 students who control the sound and lighting for all school activities.

The auditorium is a versatile event venue. All seats and boxes overlooking the entire stage can accommodate up to 900 students. This acoustically treated venue regularly hosts classical orchestral concerts and musical performances, theater and choral concerts, church services and other entertainment activities. School principal Lee collaborated with Him Chan of Fulcrum Acoustic Asia to design their audio facilities to meet the diverse needs of the theater. Wildlite Engineering built a stage and lighting system.

This project faced some major challenges, recalling Him Chan, “Usage of electricity is limited by 30 amps and naturally also limited by budget in the distribution of acoustic work. In addition, we must design a really simple system that can allow 15 to The daily operation of a 17-year-old girl. It must be easy to understand, and the school also hopes that the system can fully tap their potential skills.

A set of Fulcrum Acoustic audio system includes two wall-mounted DX1295 coaxial speakers to cover the main area downstairs; the supplementary low frequency is a Prophile US212 dual 12-inch low frequency unit, which is installed under the stage unlike the former. Two DX896 speakers are installed by Sound Classy and integrated in the ceiling area below the box as a delay unit to cover the rear seating area. Two other wall-mounted CX1295 speakers are installed in the upper box area. Four Lab.gruppen C28.4 four-channel power amplifiers provide all the necessary power and energy for Fulcrum Acoustic speakers and the required return monitors on stage. A Furman PS-PRO E Series II power sequencer / regulator provides a buffer for lightning strikes and surges.

A Symnet 4x12 Cobra Express unit provides digital speaker processing for the venue. It can be configured on the PC through the Symnet Vue software or through one of the two ARC 2i wall panels. Students can easily manage the Mipro MR-127 wireless, gooseneck, and wireless microphones through the wall panel of the audio rack located at the rear of the room, and can also be controlled through the equipment panel on the vertical post below the box. On the stage, three customized facility panels can easily identify the input of the media network (LAN), audio / video dedicated lines, stage lighting DMX and VGA.

Behind the upstairs box, you can see an APB Dynasonics Prodesk-8 24-channel analog mixer as the main focus of the production area. The mixer is equipped with a USB output function that allows students to record performances directly on a touch screen computer through the Audiibility software. The production area is monitored using two additional ceiling-mounted CX896 speakers, and the Tascam CD200-i CD player with an iPod dock can be used to play music before the show.

Students use the Zero88 Jester 48 lighting console to control the lights on the stage, and video production can be done on the Roland V4 4-channel digital video switcher. "Learn to have their own TV station called TV Compass. For their part, they need a new video system that can connect outdoor cameras to the Grand Hall system for live broadcasting." Wildlite EngineeringFulcrum Acoustic Asia, Wildlite Engineering and Sound Classy team up A relatively complex A / V and lighting system was built, but the system does not confuse student operators. They have reached an agreement, initially designed according to humanized design, high-quality sound quality, visual stimulation, and multi-functional needs. The thirty-five-day mid-term project may not win honors, but it will certainly be able to elevate installers, designers and the school itself to a master level.

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