Innovative Measurement Leadership Whirlwind Renishaw returns to DMC2015

In May 2015, China's prestigious industrial manufacturing exhibition----DMC China International Manufacturing Technology, Equipment and Mould Exhibition will be held on May 25-28, 2015 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Based on this exhibition, in 2015, the machine tool forming process and mold integration exhibition will be built. The original class will work hard to create a high-quality, industry-leading annual exhibition for exhibitors and visitors.

The world's leading provider of measurement and process control solutions - Renishaw will bring a series of innovative measurement leadership products to the DMC2015 stage to showcase the revolutionary breakthrough of the PrimoTM system, the new EquatorTM Breakthrough products such as comparison instrument, XL-80 laser interferometer, AM250 laser melting (metal 3D printing) system, are intended to help the domestic manufacturing market with rapid development and support the development of emerging strategic industries.

You are cordially invited to visit the Renishaw booth to experience Renishaw's innovative industrial measurement leadership technology. Booth No. W4-B118.

Renishaw PrimoTM System

Renishaw has released a revolutionary new product on CIMT, and will also be on the DMC.

Machine tool probes are the basis for precision manufacturing technology, and the Primo system uses a “pay-as-you-go” model. Ensuring affordable up-front investment costs, attractive purchase prices and fast return on investment plus GoProbe software and training components, Primo Total Protect replacement service for manufacturers of all sizes Access to high-end manufacturing and enjoy all the benefits of automatic setup.

The Primo system includes a Primo Radio Part Setter for determining the position of the workpiece, a Primo Radio 3D Tool Setter for measuring the length and diameter of the cutting tool, and a Primo Interface. In addition, it contains three important elements: Primo Credit Token, Primo Total Protect, and GoProbe software and training components.

Renishaw invites you to come to the booth to see the PrimoTM system.

Equator multi-function comparator

As the star product of this DMC, the new Renishaw EquatorTM is a versatile alternative to custom comparison measurement, which can detect a wide variety of workpieces. By working with industry leaders and testing in a shop floor environment, the performance of this product is validated and improved in applications across multiple industries. Thanks to its unique design and versatility, as well as its powerful measurement software package and a range of accessories, the Equator has become the new measurement solution of choice for many manufacturing applications.

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