Lenovo TV independent portal 17TV battle millet three conjecture

< br> A few days ago, a poster entitled "17TV One Best TV" occupied the entire page of the front page of the Guangzhou Information Times. In the title, he also shocked @Lei Jun and Jia Yueting, and invited Xiaomi and LeTV to attend the press conference on May 20. Simple straightforward and extraordinarily noticeable, the war is full of engagement. At the same time, WeChat started to spread the "17TV" "bear infestation" poster widely, and used "thunderstorming", "done music", "Daihite Leiting" sword refers to millet, music as. In the end, who has such a great deal of confidence that it can be the second most popular player today?

The original "17TV" is Lenovo's upcoming brand new television brand that is completely aimed at the Internet. Whether it is product design, promotion or sales will be completed on the Internet. The Lenovo sub-brand TV company will operate independently. The new company is called "Homesickness" and the senior management team will hold shares. The follow-up company may operate completely independently.

Although there are not many news releases at present, we can combine the previous contents and propose some very conjectures.

Conjecture 1: What exactly is Lenovo’s own portal?

On May 8, 2012, Lenovo Group launched Smart TV, focusing on mid-to-high end markets. Due to the gap in the mid-to-high end market, Lenovo smart TVs will launch in the mid- to high-end market, and is expected to become a domestic first-line brand within three years. But the truth is that the performance of this smart TV is flat.

In contrast, after Lenovo launched a smart TV in 2012, on May 7, 2013, LeTV launched a super-TV, which was buzzing for a moment. Affected by this, LeTV's stock price rose daily in the morning. In 2014, LeTV sold 1.7 million units. The slightly later millet officially released its television products on September 5, 2013. It has now released two generations of a total of four products and has also achieved a good market performance.

At present, besides Xiaomi and LeTV, many traditional manufacturers have created their own independent TV brands such as Coolo, KKTV, Mocha, etc. There are also many video sites or emerging Internet companies, such as PPTV, Barley, etc., that have joined the competition of smart TVs. Lenovo chose this time to establish its own brand of Internet TV. Its purpose is really intriguing. Rather than simply wanting to get a piece of the Internet TV market, it's better to say that there is a further plan, and that there may be changes to the industry.

Conjecture II: What are the characteristics of 17TV with such confidence?

In fact, not only are all kinds of Internet brands nowadays, many old-brand manufacturers such as TCL, Skyworth and Hisense are not far behind. According to statistics, in 2014, sales of smart TVs in China exceeded 23 million, of which only TCL, Skyworth and Hisense accounted for 7.29 million units. In April of this year, public information showed that the total sales volume of Skyworth Smart TVs was 275,000 units, and the total sales volume of TCL Group was 593,300 units. It can be seen that although the market potential of smart TVs is great, competition at the same time is not as fierce as that of smartphones.

And in the current serious phenomenon of smart TV homogenization, Lenovo TV in the end what kind of winning magic weapon, so that he can so confidently and slowly to declare war on Xiaomi and LeTV?

Previously, the industry rumors speculated about the deep cooperation between Lenovo’s independent brand 17TV and Ali, but Lenovo’s television director Xiong Wen denied it and drew on the various possibilities in this direction. In contrast, Lenovo's media invitations revealed the characteristics of some products. The theme of the "TV of a wife's favorite TV" and the combination of many hit TV dramas and television shows that this TV has a very rich video resource, and that it is suitable for chasing dramas and watching movies.

However, the rich video resources can not be a decisive advantage of a smart TV. We must look at the abundance of resources. After all, major manufacturers are now advocating how much their resources are. Unless Lenovo's 17TV is really able to achieve live broadcasts or a full-network debut, it will be very difficult to win the hearts of users.

Conjecture 3: What can be changed in Lenovo TV?

In the television industry, major traditional enterprises have begun to transition to the Internet. Such as Hisense VIDAA, Skyworth Cool Open, etc., are achieved through an independent Internet brand. The so-called big ship is difficult to turn around and it is very difficult to make smart TVs under the inherent mechanism of traditional enterprises. Skyworth, Konka, and Haier’s competitors gained a market share by establishing an independent brand, allowing Lenovo TV to see a new direction of transformation.

In the process of transformation, Lenovo is also lowering its attitude, through the Internet model, to expand the low-end market. 17TV TV and Lenovo's previous TV are very different in product positioning. The direct result is that 17TV will have more advantages in selling price.

In addition, the shift in the marketing model is certainly the most obvious. Compared with the sales of traditional offline channels, consumers on the Internet are often easily attracted by simple, crude and even irrational products and advertisements. After all, eyeballs are traffic, and traffic can in turn drive sales performance. From the existing publicity, it can be seen that 17TV has completely separated itself from Lenovo so that it can flex its muscles without hesitation.

As of the time of the author's writing, no more information flowed out. What kind of unique product selling point for 17TV, dare to beat Xiaomi, LeTV? Is it a marketing gimmick or a product hard power? Let us look forward to the conference tomorrow.

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