[High-tech Golden Globe Award] Jiamei Lighting: Give the landscape aura with lighting

[Text / high-tech LED Yue Mengdi] Guangdong Foshan is a city with a long history, but also Jiamei Lighting, Guoxing Optoelectronics (002449.SZ), Foshan Lighting (000541.SZ), Snowlight (002076.SZ), Kegu Power, Igor and other well-known LED companies in China. Foshan's LED landscape lighting project is also at the forefront.

The lighting facilities of the national intangible cultural heritage theme restaurant in Foshan are undertaken by the local company Jiamei Lighting. It is understood that this project is mainly used in Foshan area in combination with intangible cultural heritage and theme catering. The lamps used in this project are as simple as possible, meet the requirements of the owners, and achieve diversified functions, and cater to the cooperation of the owners on cultural heritage and interior decoration. .

Non-legacy theme restaurant

The person in charge of Jiamei Lighting Marketing Department introduced to Gaogong LED that the project uses intelligent sensing human body comfort vision system, which can be used to brighten the brightness and darkness, and adopts color-adjustable temperature lamps. “All domestic technology is completed. Abandon the dependence on foreign products. ”

The entire project uses high-efficiency, high-definition LED lighting products, and selects efficient and stable environmental protection drive, considering the cost input from the maintenance point of view, which is also endorsed and supported by the owners. Under the premise of maintaining the effect, it is 40% more energy efficient than the traditional light source scheme. The project has basically met the lighting design requirements and the visual effects are excellent.

Jiamei Lighting also trained field service personnel after the project was completed to ensure the expression of lighting effects.

Lelong Garden Culture Landscape

The Lelong garden culture landscape, also belonging to the Shunde area of ​​Foshan, also requires the use of lamps as simple as possible. Jiamei Lighting cooperates with the owner's requirements and uses the simplest and stable products. No safety hazards and product defects have been found so far.

Similarly, the entire project uses high-efficiency, high-definition LED lighting products, and the use of efficient and stable environmentally friendly drive. It is understood that this project is the first creative park in Shunde Longjiang, and it is responsible for the pursuit of art design in Shunde. Jiamei Lighting substitutes the elements of simulating the ecological natural feeling into the design case, and gives the garden aura from the perspective of lighting.

The two engineering cases of Jiamei Lighting participated in the selection of the 2015 Golden Globe Awards. It is waiting to be won in one fell swoop.

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