High-tech Golden Globe WeChat vote for the last 10 days LED "Oscar" everything is at your disposal

[Text / high-tech LED Yue Mengdi] "The current highest number of votes is not to send a red envelope?" Gaogong LED WeChat group was joking. They are talking about the WeChat vote of the 2015 High-tech LED Golden Globe Award. As of now, the total number of votes has reached nearly 110,000 votes.

Near the end of the year, the selection of voting in the LED industry circle has been one after another, and has gradually formed a trend or even a trend, but the high-tech LED Golden Globe Award for good product selection is different.

This year's 2015 Golden Globe Awards, Gaogong LED Organizing Committee adheres to the principle of fairness and justice, carefully screens the votes of people in each circle, strives to make every vote true and effective, and resolutely resists malicious brushing. Guarantee the right of all participating companies to vote.

To win the Golden Globe Award, the WeChat voting stage is one of the most important aspects. The Organizing Committee of the Golden Globe Awards introduced that the first step is to ensure that the number of WeChat votes is in the top three of the participating awards. Based on the judge's rating, the winner of each award's Golden Globe Award is determined. "WeChat voted for 70% of the votes," the organizing committee said, whether it can win the prize, the number of votes on WeChat voting is one of the important factors.

The WeChat vote has already reached the final stage. The deadline for voting on October 26 is only 10 days. The time is not long, and the short is not short. At present, the number of votes in the first place can not be taken lightly, and companies that are temporarily behind should also try to launch a vote in the last few days. After all, in the end, who can laugh at the end is still unknown.

Finally, each award will have three shortlists based on the number of votes, and will enter the Golden Globe Awards ceremony on December 12, 2015. Who can finally enter the LED industry "Oscar" awards feast, who will eventually win the highest honor of the Golden Globe? Everything is at your disposal!

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Drainage Spouts

Locking Lid. 

Non-Stick Coating.

Adjustable Steam Vent

Heat-Resistant Handles. 

Electric Skillet

Electric Skillet

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