Millet TV 3 is about to release millet times new product exposure

On October 19th, the new product launch conference of Xiaomi Times was held. Before everyone had been guessing what the new product would be, this morning officially announced the millet official microblogging, millet TV 3 will be released. The slogan “It's time for me” was left on the poster, and the long-awaited expectations finally settled. The hopeful millet TV 3 finally appeared.

From the previous posters, split design is the highlight of new products. The latest news is that Xiaomi TV 3 will provide two versions of the “Split Edition” and “Soundbar”, which are available in 60-inch and 55-inch sizes.

It is reported that millet TV 3 will use the display, TV host, TV speakers designed to support LED light source projection. It seems that the new machine that has been missing for a long time does give us enough surprises to be worthy of the concept of the new product of the last era.

Of course, there are already many brands on the market that have launched split-design TVs. But from the perspective of impact, Xiaomi's new products deserve more attention.

Tomorrow's conference, Xiaomi will display the conference through mobile APP, TV, box, etc. The TV home will also broadcast the conference. Please ask the netizen to pay attention to the latest report from the sofa net. It will be at about 2pm tomorrow.

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