Thunder and heavy rain, small standardization is imminent

At present, intelligentization has become a new standard for measuring the value of LED lighting. If you can't make something in the intelligent field, you are embarrassed to say that you are doing LED lighting. According to industry insiders, with the expansion of smart lighting applications and the continuous decline in prices, smart lighting can achieve large-scale popularization in the short term. Is it really the truth?

"From the current market situation, more consumers regard smart lighting as a non-critical product. Although the company is unilaterally promoting it, consumers are not buying it." Sun Yong, general manager of Sunshine Lighting, said that the whole year 2016 The promotion and application of intelligent lighting is not ideal. For the most basic dimming color of smart lighting, the demand ratio will not exceed 10%.

The reason is that the price is too expensive. For example, the Philips HUE series of intelligent LED bulbs has a minimum price of 499 yuan, and the domestic millet yeelight bulb has a minimum price of 129 yuan. The average consumer does not accept it at all. Secondly, the operation is complicated and requires WIFI, Bluetooth, etc. The connection, even the download and installation of the APP; however, the most important thing is that there is no uniform standard.

According to industry insiders, "smart lighting is definitely the future direction of home lighting, but now the domestic smart lighting is in the dilemma of insufficient market demand, and production is also facing serious problems, because there is no uniform standard, the products produced by each family. It may not be able to match, resulting in the domestic consumer's concept of lighting still staying at a relatively primitive stage."

Therefore, the first thing to do for intelligent lighting is to develop a unified standard that allows all LED companies to produce regulated products. At the same time, in the application of intelligent lighting APP, standardization is also required. This requires LED lighting companies to form long-term and stable cooperative relations with Internet companies, and cooperate with corresponding smart home platforms to promote the regional development of intelligent lighting.

"The smart home platforms in the United States include Apple, Google, Amazon, Winkle, etc. The domestic smart home platforms include Xiaomi, Tencent, Jingdong, Huawei, etc. It can be seen that both China and the United States have more mature Internet platforms, depending on the specific situation. Do smart lighting, big companies in the United States have the opportunity, small European companies have opportunities, and China has opportunities." Guan Yong believes.

However, will cooperation with Internet companies be done once and for all? Li Zhaohua, general manager of Mingwei Electronics, believes that it is risky for lighting companies to hand over APP to other Internet companies. If the large software platforms such as Tencent and 360 do not launch APP, it will be very It is difficult to promote the development of intelligent lighting, and lay a hidden danger to the development of intelligent lighting.

However, even if there is a risk, lighting companies and Internet companies to promote smart lighting is the general trend. As two important forces to promote LED intelligent lighting in the future, in Guan Yong's view, the future lighting companies and Internet companies will show the following differences in the promotion of intelligent lighting:

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