Into the 2016 "colorful" LED world: a hundred schools of contention, brilliant

In the past year, we have been excited about the rising demand for LED lighting, and we are surprised by the sharp decline in the price of LED products. We are cheering for the autonomy of silicon substrate technology... behind these complex expressions, it actually reflects the significant development of the LED industry. The uncertainty encountered in the process, this uncertainty is also a manifestation of vitality.

2015 LEDs we have been chasing together

2015 is an extraordinary year for the LED industry. The global high-brightness LED market has a production value of only US$14.52 billion in 2015. The annual growth rate is not 10% higher than in previous years. The temporary low tide of the whole industry has confused many people.

In fact, in the past year, we have been excited about the rising demand for LED lighting, and we are surprised by the sharp decline in the price of LED products. We are cheering for the autonomy of silicon substrate technology... behind these complex expressions, it actually reflects the LED industry. Uncertainty encountered in the process of large-scale development, this uncertainty is also a manifestation of vitality.

The LED industry has experienced the expansion of “quantity” in previous years, and has gradually shifted to a new era of entrepreneurship with “quality”. We are eager to succeed in this new era, but there are bound to be countless failures and countless efforts behind success. Not every innovative practice can be successfully transformed into value output, and there will be continuous innovation and entrepreneurs in the future. In the new normal state, the LED enterprise innovation transformation is also good, and the LED entrepreneurs under the innovation and entrepreneurship are worthy of forging, but also have a bit of a mentality of "do not have to be in me."

Borrowing Mr. Hu Shi’s statement more than 80 years ago, “When you are most pessimistic and disappointed, that is the time when you must Build Strong Faith. You must be convinced that there is no effort in the world. The merits are not in me, but the skill must Don’t donate to Tang.” If you don’t have to be with me, you will have the courage and possibility of exploration, trial and error, and rise. It doesn't have to be in me, but it also highlights the general trend of LED resource integration and corporate competition. It is not necessary for me to be successful. The desire is never satisfied. It is the self-transcendence and value extension of LED companies and individuals.

Into the 2016 "colorful" LED world

In 2015, despite leaving a lot of questions in the market, the Chinese LED industry is still the anchor of the world's lighting industry, the source of power, and the wing of hope. Compared with the sharp decline of other physical industries such as coal, steel, auto market and retail industry, the LED industry has achieved enough results in 2015.

Entering the national “13th Five-Year Plan”, the LED industry will usher in a new 2016 under the grand blueprint of “Made in China 2025”. According to the theory of industrial economics, when an industry sprouts and erupts, it will surely stand up and sizzle, and it also means that the industry is turning, and it is full of more uncertainties. For the LED industry, there are more opportunities for innovation in 2016.

1. Home lighting has become the most important basic market

At present, the LED industry is gradually moving from maturity to maturity, and the scale of the industry is further expanding. LED has accelerated penetration into home lighting. With the continuous decline in the price of LED lighting products, the high-profile civilian market has begun to open the door to meet the LED era. The industry generally believes that the continued decline in the price of LED lighting products is conducive to stimulating the demand for the civilian market. When the price drops to a certain level, the advantages of brand benefits and comprehensive strength of the enterprise will appear. If the price is very cheap, branded LED lighting products will become the preferred choice of ordinary people.

It should be noted that the replacement of traditional lighting by LEDs is no longer a simple replacement, but emphasizes health, intelligence (intelligence) and personalization. In the next few years, China's lighting market is expected to exceed 100 billion US dollars, while the penetration rate of the home smart lighting market is currently less than 2%. Through the integration and promotion of intelligent control technology and high-efficiency LED, modern home lighting will be the field of intelligent lighting. Intelligent lighting is an inevitable trend of market demand, and its market segmentation prospects will be immeasurable.

However, intelligence does not simply mean combining some functions other than lighting into a luminaire. Intelligence is not a trick to embroider the legs, but to incorporate real new technological elements. Intelligent lighting should be able to control the lights easily, conveniently and freely, while making the lights healthier and more personalized, suitable for different environments and different groups of people (such as children and the elderly).

2. Agricultural lighting has become the easiest emerging market to start with

How to control different artificial light sources to implement different "light fertilizers" for green plants under the condition of insufficient sun light, not only to promote crop growth and development, but also to achieve the purpose of increasing production, high efficiency, high quality, disease resistance and pollution-free, which promotes modern agriculture in China. The development has very important practical significance. In the plant factory, the potential of the plant has been fully exploited. The 0.8 m2 flat area can produce up to 1000 kg of vegetables per year, and the 667 m2 of land can produce 40 to 60 t per year, which is dozens of times the traditional agricultural output. According to statistics, in 2016, the global plant factory market output value can reach 4 billion US dollars. In 2017, the global LED plant growth lamp output value is expected to reach 300 million US dollars.

With the gradual popularization and maturity of plant factories, plant LED lighting will pay more and more attention to economic benefits, focusing on the added value of plants. The cultivation of high value-added precious medicinal plants is bound to be an important development direction. LED light source is considered to be a high-quality light source that can provide suitable light environment parameters for medicinal plants. It is completely feasible to use plant plants for domestication of medicinal plants.

At the same time, with the improvement of people's quality of life, gardening has become a new growth point for plant LED lighting. Not only plants, but also LEDs for other aspects of agriculture, such as poultry farming, aquaculture, aquariums and family fish tanks, are also promising.

3. UV LEDs become the most attractive potential market

In the UV LED market application, the main application market for UV-A is curing, involving nail art, teeth, ink printing and other fields. In addition, UV-A is also imported into commercial lighting to make white clothing look whiter. As for UV-B and UV-C, it is mainly used in sterilization, disinfection, medical phototherapy, etc. Among them, UV-B is mainly medical, and UV-C is sterilization. Under the game development of various research institutions, UV LED applications can always be updated again and again. Whether it is UV-A, UV-B, UV-C, UV-D, etc., or UV-V with a wavelength above 390nm, they still have countless magical features to be unveiled.

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